Marriage Family TherapyIncredible strengths and capabilities lie within each of us. Sometimes they are overshadowed by difficult circumstances, and other times they need to be dusted off and rejuvenated. Utilizing these strengths in a new and powerful way is at the heart of my work with people. In many cases, improvement begins right away. In my 20+ years as a therapist, I‘ve helped over 1,000 couples and individuals build good relationships, calm anxiety, recover from trauma, and find relief from depression. The process of change need not take a long time.

I practice two powerful, research-based methods: Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I am a certified CBT (TEAM) practitioner. In Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, we’ll direct our attention to your future, always progressing in the direction of realizing your best hopes. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy recognizes that thoughts are ephemeral. They are like clouds passing overhead that easily change depending on the climate. We will use this method to bring to you a new way of thinking about yourself, others, and the hopes you aspire to. As your mindset changes, so will your emotional state and your actions.

What is therapy with me like? First of all, you will find a safe and comfortable environment for your sessions. Part of feeling comfortable is knowing I am listening to and honoring your concerns. Perhaps this will be the first time that someone truly understands what you have been going through.

Relationships TherapyAnother phase of therapy is entered when we start defining what your goals for therapy will be, and making a plan to realize these goals. Taking into account your unique strengths is very much part of this process. I know, when people are immersed in a painful and confounding situation, it is difficult to recognize solutions to the problem. And, no doubt you have tried a number of strategies that simply have not worked. Respecting the efforts you have made, we will then search for creative solutions that are new and full of potential. All our efforts will be pointed in the direction of manifesting your best hopes.

Examples of concerns we can address in therapy:
Conflict Worry Miscommunication
Depression & Grief Stress Undermining Trust
Anger Shyness Workplace Bullying