topI help people change relationships. By focusing on the future, and what you want your relationship to become, you are likely to make it happen. Think of yourself as the writer and director of your own film with you as a principal actor. You have a lot of power to create the type of film you want, and the same is true for your life. When you start counseling, we will compassionately acknowledge your struggles, and when you are ready, take steps into your future. Emphasizing your strengths and resources, this process is positive and hopeful for couples, family relationships, friendships, and work associations.

middleThere are good reasons to choose individual relationship counseling with me. Sometimes a partner is not willing to come into counseling. Please keep in mind, when one partner changes, the other cannot respond in the same predictable way. One person can thus impact the relationship for the better. Another time to consider individual relationship counseling is when you are being abused. This is generally a safer option. And, lastly, if you have moods or anxiety that interfere with your relationship, consider individual work first, or concurrently with couples work.

bottomMy therapy approach is interwoven with Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles; both are evidence based methods. The former strategy is future-oriented, in other words, what do you want to create going forward? It also recognizes that people often have skills they don’t fully recognize that will be powerful agents of change. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps people change how they think. This in turn alters feelings and behavior.

After treating more than 1,000 people with relationship issues, I love my work today even more than in the beginning.

There are many relationship issues that can be addressed in counseling.
These are a few of them: