I believe all of us have within our reach the potential to change our lives. Depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship conflict can create what feels like insurmountable barriers to living the life you envision for yourself. Below is a glimpse into what therapy with me would be like and how it can change your life. I am happy to talk with you and answer questions about your unique concerns……

Defeat Depression and Anxiety
To overcome your depression or anxiety, we will identify the inner troublemakers fueling your symptoms. One or two rabble-rousers, or even a small gang of troublemakers, can wreak havoc in your life.

Who are these troublemakers? They are negative thoughts that are automatic, uncensored, and destructive. What makes them powerful is they often are below your level of awareness, and thus, never get questioned or challenged. Working together, we can pinpoint them, and with a laser-like focus, defeat them. Over 50 strategies for disabling depression and anxiety will be at our fingertips.

home-1This is not a long and arduous journey marching through a lifetime of unconscious material. Because of our focused and determined approach, the journey is considered short term therapy. The length of therapy depends on such factors as how long you have struggled with your symptoms of depression or anxiety. Importantly, this process occurs in an atmosphere where you feel cared about and understood.

Revive Your Relationship
Couples Relationship Therapy
Successful relationship counseling is strongly influenced by how much you and your partner want to regain closeness. You may walk in the door highly motivated to restore your relationship. Or, it may take some time to test the possibilities of your partnership. As both of you develop a commitment to change, your relationship can become one of feeling cherished, heard, trusting, understood, and respected. The foundation for this change is developing communication skills that are respectful, kind, and honest. With these skills in place, you can tackle any problem.

Should either of you decide to separate, we will focus on navigating through this often difficult transition.

When you learn to relate differently to your partner, s/he cannot respond in the same predictable way. This is true even when you feel your partner is the cause of the problems in your relationship. Early in my marriage to Jim, I became upset with his working on Saturdays. I felt he was putting work before me. When I challenged this conclusion and recognized the distortion in my thinking, my feelings and behavior automatically changed. And so did his.

Individual Relationship Therapy
home-2Sometimes only one person in a partnership is willing to get help. Can one person working on a relationship make a difference? Yes. When you behave differently your partner cannot respond in the same predictable way.

Your efforts alone may make some or many of the changes you had hoped for. Just the same, it would certainly be preferable if both parties put in the effort.

One of the biggest advantages of doing individual relationship counseling is that you can transform yourself into a skilled communicator. These skills can be applied to all of your relationships for the rest of your life.

Reduce Stress
The source of your stress is unique to you. After doing a thorough assessment, we will identify the sources of your stress, how you are coping with it, and create a plan to restore a sense of empowerment and calm. In many cases, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods will be very effective. We may also rely on strategies from Stress Inoculation Therapy.