I am a kind and gentle person. But, this only tells part of the story. I am also a dragon tamer. When I was a child, dragons lived under my bed creating fear, feelings of inadequacy, and loneliness in the dark.

It was years later when I discovered these powerful forces, named “Depression” and “Anxiety,” were responsible for creating havoc in my life. Insisting I would not be dragged down by their influence, I grew to know a lot about how to tackle these powerful forces.

Perhaps you too have lived with dragons and know the negative feelings they can provoke. Not only does your self-esteem suffer, but relationships and your ability to be productive can also be impacted. And, what about just feeling happy? Don’t we all want, at least good part of the time, to feel happy?

A client recently asked me if I like my work. My answer: “Not exactly – I love my work.” Few experiences are as gratifying as seeing someone smile and laugh who has spent far too long sad and hopeless. Or, watching someone conquer a fear that has held them back from having a full life.

If I can tame my dragons, you can too. And, I can show you how to do it.