Connie Fox, M.S., MFT – Marriage and Family Therapist

Connie Fox

connie-foxAccepting new clients effective 5-1-22.

Every person I work with has strengths to help them recover from anxiety, depression, or relationship problems. Discovering these assets, combined with practicing new strategies, can provide a path towards recovery.

Anxiety and Depression
Anxiety and depression are treatable conditions. Without treatment, they can wreak havoc by producing overwhelming worries, lack of motivation, and crushing negative thoughts. The tendency to avoid situations that trigger anxiety is understandable, but problematic. Over time, avoidance intensifies the very sensations you are trying to get rid of.

An equally understandable, but counter-productive reaction to depression can also occur. Dark moods, fatigue and painful negative thoughts can lead to retreating from life. The retreat then makes the depression worse.

Please know that there are many things that we can do to help you reclaim your life. One powerful strategy is to clarify how distorted thinking patterns are fueling anxiety and depression. When these patterns are replaced with more reasonable – and truthful – thoughts, you can feel better.

Relationship Problems
When it comes to relationships, few people have ever been shown how to relate effectively, especially during tough times. And, believe me, all relationships have tough times. With guidance, understanding, and developing improved communication, you can bypass or repair painful and frustrating interactions. I am a Level 3 trained therapist in the Gottman Method. I love this method of couple’s treatment, and these same well-researched methods can benefit individuals as well.

Some relationship issues, such as domestic violence, require specialized treatment to maximize safety. And occasionally an individual is not ready to engage in couples counseling. An initial assessment will help guide what the best treatment is for you. I am currently seeing a limited number of couples in therapy.

The Advantages of Teletherapy
I have an office in Mission Valley, however, due to Covid concerns I am only doing telehealth. If you are new to telehealth, I will help you get acquainted with using an easy videoconferencing system.

If you have any questions regarding therapy, please feel free to call me at 619-840-3114.

Connie Fox, LMFT

Examples of concerns we can address in therapy:
Anxiety & Worry Hopelessness Stress
depression-grief-01a Shyness moodiness-01
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