About ConnieConnie Fox Therapist

San Diego has been my home most of my life. I was educated here and established my professional career in this fair city. In my clinical practice, I focus on treating people with relationship issues, depression, grief, anxiety, anger, and trauma.

After being a therapist for over 20 years, I see people more easily reach
their goals when they focus on what they DO want for their future. Defining an intended destination clarifies what steps are needed to fulfill your goals. Dwelling on the past can paradoxically keep people stuck in unintended, unhappy patterns.

Changing how you think about yourself, other people, and difficult events can also produce astonishing changes in ones life. Many years ago I encountered one of the originators of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Albert Ellis. He profoundly influenced both my work and my life, as David Burns, M.D, adjunct professor of psychiatry at Stanford University, does today.

Another profound influence in my life has been my husband, Jim Fox, also a Marriage and Family Therapist. It is difficult to quantify how much I have learned about relationships by being married to him for over 30 years. Our early years would have been much easier if I knew then what I know today! The same strategies I practice in my own marriage are central to my work with couples.

If I could reach out and present you with a gift, it would be one of hope. I know hope can wane when you have been struggling for a while with a personal or a relationship problem. Even though your resolution may not be apparent, please know that there is a solution. Taking one small step towards change can often make a big difference.

Professional Credentials
I graduated from San Diego State University with a B.S. in Social Welfare and from the University of LaVerne in Coronado with a M.S. in Marriage and Family Counseling.

For 12 years, I worked with well over 1,000 people experiencing serious relationship problems. Additionally, I ‘ve seen people with depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma related issues.

I have been a director of a child abuse prevention program, a coordinator of a mental health day treatment program, a clinician focused on trauma related issues, and a co-director of a domestic violence treatment program.

License, Certifications and Affiliations
Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor; awarded in 1985; #LMFT19877

California Association of Marriage and Family Counselors

I am a certified practitioner of Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TEAM Therapy) developed by Dr. David Burns, M.D., a “founding father” of CBT, and an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Stanford Medical School.

Certified Trauma Counselor (past)

Certified Domestic Violence Treatment Provider (past)